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Product Update Solo A7
Product Update | Solo A7 Detector Duster

Our recent posts and communications have focused on Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 which requires manufacturers of non-flammable aerosols containing HFC 134a to end manufacture of such products by 31st December 2017. As part of this change we’ve introduced a new range of smoke aerosols and also alternative products which have…

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Detectortesters Mezzanine Refurbishment
Detectortesters – it’s time for a makeover

If you have recently visited detectortesters HQ in Welham Green, you will no doubt have been struck by the unique colour scheme which flows through the building and the somewhat jumbled collection of furniture.  Well, after years of planning, a project to transform our premises has begun! We originally ‘knocked-through’ into…

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Shorter Poles
Urban Kits – Shorter poles, greater convenience!

One of our most recognisable products are our red Solo access poles – and they’ll shortly be available in a new compact form as well as part of our new Urban Kits. Although a crucial piece of kit, owned by most fire engineers – the full height of our standard…

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Testing at Warwick Castle
Protecting heritage sites – detector testing at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, like a lot of buildings of historical interest, has many areas decorated with ornate artwork and items of historical value.  Fire detection systems installed in these type of sites are often discrete and sympathetic to the original building design. In the case of Warwick Castle, ASD pipes are…

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