1 Room, 564 Detectors!

1 Room, 564 Detectors! 780 488 Detector Testers

Over 500 detectors in one room might seem a little excessive, however for the Test Labs onsite at our Hertfordshire base it is exactly what is needed!

These, along with the expertise and experience of our in-house technical team, mean we are able to test our products against detector makes and models from around the world – ensuring the detectors activate as intended and alerting us to any trends or unique results.

This amount of testing and level of expertise is vital to our success and we know it really matters to our customers.  Our products perform a vital life safety role, if you use them you need to be able to trust that they will work in a reliable and efficient manner and offer a solution for all the detectors you are likely to discover on-site.




With a worldwide customer base, compatibility testing is no easy feat, as a result the 500+ detectors in our lab include detectors of different profile, design and age.  It takes a lot of science and testing to get things right – in the build-up to the launch of a new product, it’s not uncommon for our technical team to run in excess of 10,000 tests – just to ensure the best possible results and the ultimate performance in terms of compatibility and efficiency.


The need for this level of testing was vital when we introduced our new range of Solo smoke aerosols.  It’s almost two years since these changes were introduced, with Solo A10, Solo A10s and Solo A5 offered as replacement solutions to the Solo A3 aerosol.  There is real science behind these aerosols with numerous considerations taken into account during the development process.  This not only includes obvious considerations, such as ensuring the aerosols activate the detector, but also the need for the aerosol to ‘clear’ the detector quickly and for them to be optimised with the correct contents and material to work effectively within our dispenser.  Of course, it goes without saying that any smoke aerosol used should not pose a risk to the detector itself – which is why our smoke aerosols don’t contain ingredients such as silicone.

Solo smoke aerosols remain the industry’s most popular solution for functional testing of smoke detectors, read our blog for more on the importance of choosing the right aerosol or get in touch for more information.



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