2021 Product Catalogue – download it now!

2021 Product Catalogue – download it now! 780 488 Detector Testers

Whether you are looking for a Testifire kit for a new member of the team, or simply a spare part for your Solo 330 – our latest product catalogue has the answer!

The catalogue includes everything you need for functional testing of smoke, heat and CO detectors, including specialist solutions for testing multi-sensor detectors and ASD systems.  With a number of solutions available for each application, the catalogue highlights the key features of each makes the decision of finding the right kit for your needs an easy one.

Full of information on solutions from our Solo, SmokeSabre, Testifire and Scorpion ranges – the catalogue also details the various kits  available and the availability of spare parts and additional accessories.  You will also find details on how some of the products are used on site and the training we have available to make the use of the products as easy as possible.


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