40% faster testing with Testifire

40% faster testing with Testifire 780 488 Detector Testers

With an increasing focus on productivity on-site, the need to carry out faster and smarter testing has never been greater.

Record numbers of engineers are now using Testifire to speed up testing and ultimately ensure they have a solution to test each detector they find on site.

As an all-in-one tester, productivity is something Testifire really delivers on.  In a recent survey we ran, 74% of respondents stated that the appeal of an all-in-one tool and the productivity gains it delivered were the number one reason for using Testifire.  So what are these gains and how can they benefit maintenance teams on site?

Compared to testing with traditional Solo test tools, Testifire can deliver 40% faster testing.  This is achieved by eliminating the need to change testers when testing different detector types – the need to carry multiple tools and spend time switching between them is simply removed – leading to significant time savings on each site.

Compared to testing with traditional Solo test tools, Testifire can deliver 40% faster testing*

The clearing mode within Testifire is the other major time saver.  Engineers report that, when using smoke aerosols clearing of detectors is a regular problem.  Too much smoke can easily be applied to a detector under test which not only wastes smoke – but also causes the detector to re-alarm, requiring a longer time to be spent under each detector whilst the smoke is ‘fanned’ away.

These productivity gains mean quicker testing with far less disruption.  For the service company this means work can be carried out quicker in the most professional manner possible and for engineers, as well as faster testing, it also means less to carry.

Testifire reduces nuisance re-alarms by 80%


All of this, plus the ability to test a wider range of detectors, means a better service can be offered to clients – with testing of all detectors possible in a faster time in a professional manner.

See our latest guide and find out how switching to Testifire could benefit you.


*40% faster testing based on multifunction and clearing efficiencies of Testifire, resulting in an average daily time saving of ~0.8 hour(s) per engineer testing 150 detectors (120 smoke, 30 heat) per day.


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