Amee Amin – A Key Component

Amee Amin – A Key Component 780 488 Detector Testers

Meet Amee Amin, Electronic Design Engineer at Detectortesters, working as part of the Research & Development group.

Amee discusses her Detectortesters journey so far and what surprised her the most!

How did you get into your current role?

My current role forms a harmonious combination of research, which I have done a lot, and development, which I did in my previous role. Also, a strong background in analog, digital, PCB design and layout, antenna design and RF has helped me get into my current role.


Previously, I worked as a development engineer designing electronics for air quality monitors, asbestos detection devices and personal aerosol samplers.


I completed my master’s degree in nanotechnology at Aalto University, Finland and worked there as a researcher, designing electronics for 5G trans-receiver applications. I also worked with the Indian Space Research Organisation, designing data reception codes for payloads in satellites. It was a rocket science in generic terms.


There is a very friendly work culture and everyone is happy to help you out anytime. 


Can you give us an idea of what you get up to at Detectortesters day-to-day?

At Detectortesters, as an electronics design engineer, I help to design and develop electronics for detector testing systems as well as do data analysis.


The job involves building and maintaining testing devices, doing research on new technologies and how to implement them, which is the best part of my job.


What’s the biggest thing that has surprised you working here?

My career has been more of research and prototypes. Here, it’s more product based which is very exciting for me. There is a very friendly work culture and everyone is happy to help you out anytime.


I also like the fact I have a manager who understands any problems raised and considers them as his own.

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