Any detector, any time – Testifire has it covered!

Any detector, any time – Testifire has it covered! 780 488 Detector Testers

Faced with the challenge of testing a variety of different makes and model of detector and, with an increase in the number of multi-sensor detectors now requiring testing – more and more engineers are turning to Testifire as their preferred method of testing.

Testifire has seen the fastest growth in demand of all our test solutions – with a rise of 20% in the last 12 months and sales to over 70 countries worldwide.

So, why are so many people choosing Testifire? Here’s our 3 top reasons:


Multi-sensor detectors

Multi-sensors are on the increase and the standards governing how they are tested have been updated.  Testifire is the No. 1 solution for testing multi-sensors, offering the ability to test smoke, heat and CO in whichever sequence is required.


Testifire speeds up testing, with no requirement to switch heads to test different detectors.


Testifire is compatible with the widest range of detectors – including those which are slower to activate with traditional smoke aerosols.


3 facts you may have missed on Testifire:

  1. Testifire has two heat settings, allowing testing up to 100°C
  2. It’s Clearing mode eliminates the issue of nuisance re-alarms
  3. It’s not just for multi-sensors – it can be used single sensor smoke, heat and CO detectors – making it the perfect all-round tester!



Carrying Testifire provides the ultimate peace of mind, ensuring a test solution for all detectors on site – whether they be smoke, heat, CO, single-sensor or multi-sensor.


Testifire is available as a Smoke and Heat tester (Testifire 1000) and as Smoke, Heat and CO tester (Testifire 2000). To find the solution for your needs try our new Kit Selector!


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