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Product Update – Solo 727 Battery Charger

Introducing a new, upgraded version of our Solo 727 battery charger.  This new version will, for the first time, offer backwards compatibility with the ability to charge both the older Solo 760 (2.0Ah) and the current Solo 770 (3.0Ah) battery batons, meaning only one charger is needed – regardless of the battery baton used.

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What is a functional test?

With interest in testing increasingly from a wider group of people, including business owners and facilities managers and with greater awareness in countries looking to improve fire safety, we’re occasionally asked to clarify what a functional test is and why it is important?

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1 Room, 564 Detectors!

Over 500 detectors in one room might seem a little excessive, however for the Test Labs onsite at our Hertfordshire base it is exactly what is needed!

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Any detector, any time – Testifire has it covered!

Faced with the challenge of testing a variety of different makes and model of detector and, with an increase in the number of multi-sensor detectors now requiring testing – more and more engineers are turning to Testifire as their preferred method of testing. Testifire has seen the fastest growth in demand of all our test…

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New online troubleshooting

We’ve recently updated the Support section of our website to allow on-line diagnosis of support queries related to Testifire and Solo 365.

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Try our new kit selector – find your ideal kit

With a variety of Solo and Testifire kits available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.  To help with this, we’ve developed our kit selector – designed to find your ideal solution!

Whatever fire detectors you’re testing – the kit selector will help you find the most suitable kit.

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What’s important when choosing a smoke aerosol?

Smoke aerosols offer a reliable and efficient way of functionally testing smoke detectors, they are the test method of choice for many fire professionals and are most commonly used within a Solo 330 dispenser. Our support team are occasionally asked for information on the contents of our aerosols as users seek assurances that the contents are safe to use on site and won’t cause harm to the detector itself.

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Toolbox Talks – Q&A, Firex International 2019

We had a great response for questions for our #AskPaul session at last month’s @FirexInternational!  Not only did we receive plenty of questions on our range of solutions, but also on broader subjects including codes and standards and ideas for new products.

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