Smoke Aerosols

The importance of choosing the right smoke aerosol

The importance of choosing the right smoke aerosol 780 488 Detector Testers

Considering the wide range of smoke detectors installed, it is important the product you choose to carry out functional testing offers compatibility with the widest range of detectors and is one that has been developed with the input and recommendations from the detector manufacturers. Use of the correct aerosols when testing detectors will help ensure:


Fast, effective testing
Compliance with industry standards
Testing in line with detector manufacturers guidelines


Use of non-compatible test solutions, such as those which are not approved for use with your dispenser, can lead to:


Detector contamination
Repeat alarms
Wasted smoke
Non-compliance with detector manufacturers recommendations


Changes in regulation mean we have recently increased our range of smoke aerosols.  We now offer Solo A10s and Solo A5 these, along with Solo A3, remain the only smoke aerosols approved for use with the Solo 330.



Other aerosols may exist and appear to work within the Solo 330, however only aerosols from the Solo range are designed to offer full compatibility – without the risk of over-application, excess smoke usage and detector contamination.  Solo aerosols also offer detector manufacturer approval and carry UL certification.


Our updated full range of smoke aerosols is now available from your usual stockist.  Contact us for more advice or guidance on the right test solution for your needs.