Testifire smoke test on Apollo Detector

Compliant testing of Apollo detectors

Compliant testing of Apollo detectors 780 488 Detector Testers

The importance of installing a compliant fire detection system is well known, however of equal importance is how the system is maintained and what tools are used to achieve this.

Industry codes and standards exist worldwide to ensure that the on-going maintenance of fire detectors is carried out correctly, using solutions that present no risk to the detector under test and help ensure the detector will respond correctly in the event of a real fire.


In line with this, Apollo have recently issued a Maintenance, Testing, Servicing, Cleaning and Disposal Guide which includes vital information on all these topics and details the relevant Solo and Testifire solutions approved for use with their detectors.








The guide points out that, as well as ensuring continued effectiveness and efficiency of operation of the fire detection system, testing and maintenance is also important for the same reasons the system was originally installed:

  • Protection of life
  • Protection of property
  • Compliance with standards


All Solo and Testifire products listed within the guide are available from Apollo and have their own Apollo Part No. You can also find out more about them and how they work by registering to attend one of the CPD Seminars jointly hosted by Apollo and Detectortesters.


For more information on how to achieve compliant testing or to discuss any of the relevant standards, please contact our training and support team who will be pleased to offer advice and help you identify the right solution for you needs.

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