COVID – What has been the biggest challenge?

COVID – What has been the biggest challenge? 780 488 Detector Testers

When restrictions first hit in March 2020, the world was left in a state of uncertainty – dealing with risks never seen before and restrictions that meant, for many, the working week was very different.

Since that time, guidance has been clear – the vital work of the fire industry must continue – and it has – but what has been the biggest challenge?

We continue to hear from customers around the world of their efforts carrying out vital testing, maintenance and commissioning and in a recent poll learnt more about the challenges COVID had placed on their efforts.


Access to site – seems by far to have been the biggest challenge in recent months, with many businesses closed, or working reduced hours, finding a time to visit the site to carry out testing has proved far more difficult than usual.

However, just because a building is closed or unoccupied does not mean the need for routine testing and maintenance goes away.  The responsibilities remain the same.


Protecting engineers – a significant concern for any business with staff who can’t work from home – how do we keep the team safe and protect them and their families.  This huge responsibility led to hours of additional training, risk assessment and investment in PPE – all arranged and delivered in short space of time.


Extra time on site – even when site visits are able to be arranged, it has often led to longer visits– with extra cleaning and distancing required on site, reduced work force and extra preparation in terms of admin and PPE to enter site.

Despite 45% of customers telling us they have been affected by all of these challenges at some point in the last year, we continue to hear positive stories of new contracts won and as much as possible a ‘business as normal’ approach.

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