Detector history, how well do you know your detectors?

Detector history, how well do you know your detectors? 780 488 Detector Testers

We’ve been designing and manufacturing test equipment for over 40 years, during this time we’ve worked with detector manufacturers across the globe to ensure compatibility and approval.

Key to our development are our test labs, in particular one which is home to over 500 detectors which helps us recreate test situations experienced when testing particular detectors and ensures  our new solutions are compatible with the widest range.


During a recent audit of the lab, we were reminded of the wonderful shapes and sizes of detectors that have existed and thought it would be interesting to share some of these and see whether you could remember the makes and models of some of the most distinctive examples!

For a bit of Summer fun we’ll be sharing some images of these detectors on our social channels and inviting you to identify them, look out for posts across the Summer, get involved and name the detector and we’ll pick a winner from all the correct replies and send you one of our Detectortesters water bottles!

Test your knowledge of detectors