Does it test multi-sensors? Yes. Is that all it does? No.

Does it test multi-sensors? Yes. Is that all it does? No. 150 150 Detector Testers

A myth related to Testifire is that the tool is designed for testing multi-sensor detectors and that unless you are testing these type of detectors there is no value in using it.

The truth is very different.  Yes, the ability of Testifire to functionally test smoke, and heat (CO model available if required) makes it perfect for testing multi-sensor detectors – especially given that it can test these independently or simultaneously.  However, the fact that it can test smoke, heat or CO independently means that it is equally suitable for use on single sensor detectors.

So what does this mean?  Basically, if you’re only testing smoke detectors – Testifire can still be the tool for you and when you come across a site with heat or CO detectors – you’ll be well set.  There will be no need to change head units which means less to carry and easier and quicker movement around site.

What else?  Well, Testifire has a ‘clearing’ mode which effectively means the smoke is cleared from around the detector once testing is complete.  This tackles the problem of repeat alarms and, again, allows for quicker movement around site.

There’s more as well.  The way Testifire generates smoke makes it compatible with a wider range of detectors.  Going back to the testing of heat detectors – it also has a high heat setting which allows testing of detectors up to 100°c, something which is not possible with the Solo cordless heat tester.

The good news. You don’t have to be testing multi-sensor detectors to use Testifire.  All of the benefits it offers, (including others not mentioned here), are relevant and accessible to anyone testing (single and/or multi sensor) detectors.