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How high is high enough?

How high is high enough? 780 488 Detector Testers

Inspired by the number of engineers required to maintain systems on large sites and an increase in engineers travelling without vans, our Urban Kits allow easy movement around site and on public transport – with no need to carry bulky poles and bags.  Featuring shorter Solo access poles, the kits are designed around a compact rucksack built to hold all the key tools needed for testing and maintenance and with space for additional tools and items such as a tablet or laptop.


With the kits (and their shorter poles) proving extremely popular, we used our latest Twitter poll to find out the heights at which detectors are installed.



Our question:

How often are you testing detectors installed above 5 metres?




The result of the poll was interesting, with 42% of the 486 respondents saying they never test detectors above 5 metres and a further 30% claiming they were only occasionally required to test detectors beyond this height*.


With new shorter poles able to access a maximum height of 5 metres they provide the perfect solution for testing the majority of detectors.  Being 50% shorter than the standard poles they are also easier to carry and cause less disruption.


The range includes kits built around both Solo 365 and Testifire – allowing you to pick the best solution to meet your needs.  In addition, the rucksack and poles are now available to be purchased separately – perfect if you already have your tester.


*Results of a Twitter poll January 2018