Improved visibility of the detector LED with Testifire

Improved visibility of the detector LED with Testifire 780 488 Detector Testers

Further to a suggestion from Derek Fay of Fire & Safety Testing Ltd (Southampton), we’ve recently introduced an update to Testifire which improves the user experience and speeds up testing.

The body of  Testifire makes it tricky to see the activation LED on the detector when standing directly below – as you would when testing detectors at height. This meant moving the Testifire away from the detector to see the LED, and re-positioning to carry out further testing if the detector hadn’t activated.


The suggestion was to add reflectors to the Testifire that ‘bounce’ the light much more effectively, making it visible from below.



More on the reflective kit can be seen in our video. All new Testifires we send out will now have these reflectors fitted as standard, and they are also available to fit to older Testifires.  Contact product support to claim your free* reflective stickers.


*In return, we would appreciate feedback on the use of the kits via our social channels.



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