Scorpion 1.5 Update

Introducing Scorpion 1.5

Introducing Scorpion 1.5 780 488 Detector Testers

Scorpion, our solution for testing hard-to-access smoke detectors, has recently been updated with a significant change to the design. Check out the video to learn more about the new design and how it works.

The new model means Scorpion is now quicker and easier to install and eliminates the risk of spillage – something which was previously an issue reported by some customers.  The design change has seen the breather plug replaced with a valve which automatically activates once the head unit is attached to the mounting bracket.


Scorpion Product Update_2018


With the previous design, the breather plug had to be manually removed before installation which meant, should the head unit be knocked or turned over, the contents could be spilt and the head unit would be unusable.


Scorpion 1.5 will automatically be used to fulfil all orders we receive for all Scorpion variants from this point forward.


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