Meet Andrew Day, Verification & Validation Engineer 

Meet Andrew Day, Verification & Validation Engineer  780 488 Detector Testers

We caught up with Andrew Day in the test labs, to get an insight into his background and new role as Verification & Validation Engineer.

Andrew, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I turned 30 in June this year, my partner is Dutch (hence the Dutch Apple Tart I made for my birthday) and we have been with each other for two years now. We live in Stevenage which is also where I was born and raised and my main hobbies are badminton and gaming (both on the computer and table top).



How did you get into your current role?

After finishing my A-levels I went straight into working for an electronics sub-contractor in Stevenage. I started as a Test Operator and was later promoted to Production Supervisor before moving into a role as a Test Technician. After 11 years working for the company I had finally come to a point where I knew I needed a change and when I heard about a Test Technician role at Detectortesters.

It felt like a fairly natural move as I had been producing fire alarm devices at my former employer already. Now, after a year working at Detectortesters I have recently been promoted to Verification & Validation Engineer.


Can you give us an idea of your day-to-day at Detectortesters?

Day to day I would be writing Test Specifications and reports as well as conducting tests. The majority of changes to our products, whether it be a supplier change or a completely new part, need to be tested to make sure they function to the desired standard. I also conduct prototype testing alongside the R&D department to assist with developing the new products.



Finally, What’s the biggest thing that has surprised you working here?

Having worked in a factory shop floor environment for 11 years the biggest change to me was shifting into an office environment, as it has a very different feeling to working on the shop floor. I have been welcomed warmly by everyone at the company and was made to feel at home here very quickly.

I am already beginning to feel more at home here than I ever did at my previous employer.


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