Anthony Partou

Meet Anthony – our new product manager!

Meet Anthony – our new product manager! 780 488 Detector Testers

Starting a new role in a new company can often be challenging, throw in a global pandemic and it certainly doesn’t get any easier!  Despite all this Anthony, who joined us in April, is already heavily involved in some of our key projects focused on existing and future products and is well established within the team – albeit from a distance!

Anthony, what made you join Detectortesters?

I joined Detectortesters to pursue a new challenge in a different industry and because I was impressed with the passion and culture throughout the business.  With all the operations under one roof we have a personal and friendly environment, which was evident even during the interview process.

What did you do before you joined us?

My background is in product design and development and I previously worked for a British IT manufacturer of desktop PCs.  I started my career as a Product Development Engineer before moving into Product Management.


I was impressed with the passion and culture throughout the business. 


How have you found your virtual on-boarding experience?

It’s been an experience I won’t forget, that’s for sure!  My first few weeks were strange and at times a little unsettling, especially as we lost a number of staff to furlough.  That said I was overwhelmed by the messages and emails I received during my first week from people welcoming me onboard and offering their support to help me settle in.

I’m now three months into my new role and the people around me have been tremendous at bringing me up to speed with projects and making me feel part of the wider team at Detectortesters.  I have to say, I feel right at home (no pun intended).

What have you enjoyed most about working here so far?

For me the most enjoyable part of being here is the culture amongst our staff.  Everyone I’ve met across the business has such a big passion for our products and has been very forthcoming with guidance to help me settle in quickly.  That tells me that we’re a company built on strong foundations and that our people are valued.

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