On site with N K Fire & Security

On site with N K Fire & Security 780 488 Detector Testers

It was great to hear from N K Fire & Security last month as they shared with us some of the sites they had recently worked on and how Testifire was allowing them to achieve fast and reliable testing of all the detectors they were called upon to test.

N K Fire & Security are based in Essex and owner, Kostadin Velev is a long term user of our Testifire product.  The company has contracts to cover the testing and maintenance of fire safety systems across a wide range of sites including NHS buildings, offices, retail outlets and schools.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, BAFE have reminded the industry that fire safety legislation has not changed and it remains vital in the interest of life safety.  Kostadin and the team at N K Fire and Security have played their part in this – continuing to work, in-line with Government guidance, throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, ensuring that fire safety is maintained across all the sites the company is contracted to.   “We’ve remained really busy over the last few months, testing a wide range of detectors on multiple sites, Testifire is superb and quickly tests all of them – so it’s the only tester we need!” said Kostadin.


We are delighted to see our solutions playing a major part in maintaining life safety, thank you to Kostadin and the team for sharing their feedback and photos.