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Product Update Solo A7
Product Update | Solo A7 Detector Duster

Our recent posts and communications have focused on Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 which requires manufacturers of non-flammable aerosols containing HFC 134a to end manufacture of such products by 31st December 2017. As part of this change we’ve introduced a new range of smoke aerosols and also alternative products which have…

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Detectortesters Mezzanine Refurbishment
Detectortesters – it’s time for a makeover

If you have recently visited detectortesters HQ in Welham Green, you will no doubt have been struck by the unique colour scheme which flows through the building and the somewhat jumbled collection of furniture.  Well, after years of planning, a project to transform our premises has begun! We originally ‘knocked-through’ into…

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Shorter Poles
Urban Kits – Shorter poles, greater convenience!

One of our most recognisable products are our red Solo access poles – and they’ll shortly be available in a new compact form as well as part of our new Urban Kits. Although a crucial piece of kit, owned by most fire engineers – the full height of our standard…

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Testing at Warwick Castle
Protecting heritage sites – detector testing at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, like a lot of buildings of historical interest, has many areas decorated with ornate artwork and items of historical value.  Fire detection systems installed in these type of sites are often discrete and sympathetic to the original building design. In the case of Warwick Castle, ASD pipes are…

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Firex 2017
Firex 2017 Success

This year’s Firex International show at the ExCeL in London attracted high numbers of both visitors and exhibitors – which combined to make for an extremely busy three days and, for what certainly seemed like, the best attended Firex in recent memory. We had plenty to shout about, with our…

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Firex International
Firex International – it’s Showtime!

We’re currently part way through a very busy show season, in recent weeks we’ve been to Dublin, Glasgow, London, Utrecht and Prague and our sites our now firmly set on one of the industry’s flagship trade events – Firex International. This year is a major year for us in terms…

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Product Changes Solo
Product changes – are you ready?

Regulation updates mean we’re required to make changes to some of the pressurised aerosol products we currently offer, as the date for this new regulation draws nearer here’s a reminder of everything you need to know. By 31st December 2017 our Solo A3 smoke test aerosol will no longer be…

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Solo Battery Batons
Product Update | Charging Solo Battery Batons

Solo battery batons and chargers are used with Testifire 1000 and Testifire 2000 multi-stimulus testers and Solo 460 cordless heat testers and have a long history of reliable operation. It has come to our attention recently that battery batons may become abnormally hot, possibly leading to heating of the product,…

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Solo A10S
F-Gas changes affecting aerosol smoke detector testers

Aerosol smoke canisters have long been used as an effective means for carrying out functional testing of smoke detectors.  Their ease of use and reliability has made them popular world-wide and, in the case of our Solo A3, has earned certification from leading third parties such as UL and crucially…

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Christmas delivery dates 2016

For December delivery, please place your orders by the following dates: Export Customer: Monday 12th December – your orders will be shipped or available for collection before 23rd December* UK Customers: Tuesday 20th December, for shipment to arrive by 23rd December* * subject to stock availability Our offices will close…

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Product News

As part of our continuous improvement policy we recently introduce some changes to the Solo and Testifire product ranges. New Higher Capacity Solo Battery Baton & Charger On 1st June 2016 we introduced the Solo 727 Charger for use with our new Solo 770 Battery Batons. Please note that the…

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PRODUCT UPDATE: Solo Battery Batons & Charger

Product Update:                                                                  Higher Capacity Solo770 Battery Baton and Solo727 Charger replacing Solo760 Battery Baton and Solo726 Charger As part of our continuous improvement policy, we are introducing a new and improved version of the Solo760 Battery Baton and the Solo726 Charger. The change to, what will be, higher capacity batons…

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Product training – it’s (possibly) more than you think…

When someone mentions product training your first thought might be that you’re about to be trained in something new. Either that or you may dismiss the idea as you’re already using the product in question and therefore what could you possibly gain from training? Of course, before using any new…

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Looking after rechargeable battery packs

As with lots portable tools and gadgets these days most are powered by NiMH or Lithium battery packs.  (NiCad’s on the whole have been replaced long ago).  Many of us do not appreciate that rechargeable batteries have a serviceable life and will at sometime need to be replaced. Typical life expectancy for…

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Invest in your most valuable asset – the engineer

Managing a team of service engineers and keeping on top of customer requirements can be a hectic and somewhat challenging role.  As in all industries, the focus is often more on the growth of the business in terms of customer retention and new business meaning that topics such as staff…

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Does it test multi-sensors? Yes. Is that all it does? No.

A myth related to Testifire is that the tool is designed for testing multi-sensor detectors and that unless you are testing these type of detectors there is no value in using it. The truth is very different.  Yes, the ability of Testifire to functionally test smoke, and heat (CO model…

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Testing fire detectors in low ambient temperatures

Testing Smoke detectors with aerosol smoke canisters During the colder Winter months and whilst you’re wearing your woolly hat and gloves to keep warm, it is worth considering that your aerosol smoke canisters can also get cold. Colder temperatures can mean that if the canisters are left unprotected from the…

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Top marks for testing!

The University of Southampton is typical of many universities – with a number of large buildings occupied by both students and staff.  Buildings include libraries, lecture theatres, classrooms, offices, sports halls and accommodation.  The diversity of these buildings can make compliant testing of all fire detectors a challenge. One of…

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