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Product changes – are you ready?

Product changes – are you ready? 1024 683 Detector Testers

Regulation updates mean we’re required to make changes to some of the pressurised aerosol products we currently offer, as the date for this new regulation draws nearer here’s a reminder of everything you need to know.

By 31st December 2017 our Solo A3 smoke test aerosol will no longer be manufactured, if you use this product you’ll need to choose from one of our alternative solutions – Solo A10 or Solo A5.

Our new product range offers unrivalled choice.  If a non-flammable solution, similar to Solo A3, is your preferred choice the Solo A10 is your new solution.  Solo A10 is available in the standard 250ml can or a 150ml can – which is similar in price to the Solo A3.

Alternatively, if a non-flammable product is not essential then Solo A5 could be your new solution.  Common with many other pressurised aerosol products, Solo A5 is a flammable product and comes in the standard 250ml can.

Solo A5 and Solo A10s

As part of the Solo range, both products have a familiar look and feel and will be widely available from local distributors.

Two of our hand-held smoke aerosols Chekkit and Canned Smoke will also be phased out as part of these new regulations, however we have a ready-made alternative with our best-selling SmokeSabre aerosol which is unaffected by the regulation update.

Watch our video and choose your new aerosol now.