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Product News 150 150 Detector Testers

As part of our continuous improvement policy we recently introduce some changes to the Solo and Testifire product ranges.

New Higher Capacity Solo Battery Baton & Charger

On 1st June 2016 we introduced the Solo 727 Charger for use with our new Solo 770 Battery Batons. Please note that the Solo 727 Charger can only charge Solo 770 Battery Batons.


Please be aware of the above when ordering replacement chargers or when swapping kit between engineers. This will prevent battery batons being paired with incompatible chargers.

To differentiate, the Solo 727 Charger and the Solo 770 Battery Baton are identified by a ‘red’ sleeve and collar (see picture). solo770_727

As of June 2016, all relevant Solo and Testifire kits manufactured and sold Detectortesters include Solo 770 Battery Batons and a Solo 727 Charger.

System improvementstestifire-1000-ts3-smoke-capsule

As with many modern electronic products, Testifire has the facility to update the system firmware to provide improvements in operability and performance. V7.4.0 firmware will be rolled out to production in January 2017 and will be included on all new Testifires and Exchange Testifires. All existing users of Testifire, can also benefit from latest firmware updates which are posted on our website.

Two year service and calibration intervals

With the release of Testifire Firmware version 7.3.2 (released in June 2016) all newly supplied Testifire units (including exchange units) now have a two year service and calibration interval. We are able to offer this improvement through our commitment to continuous product improvement.

Testifire Exchange

Many Testifire customers have already found the benefits of the Testifire exchange scheme. The Testifire exchange support scheme gives you a future proof product and a degree of insurance against accidental drop damage. All exchange Testifires are built to the latest build specification and are supplied with UKAS traceable calibration certificate to satisfy any third party audit requirements. All ages of Testifire can be returned under the Testifire exchange scheme.