Product training – it’s (possibly) more than you think…

Product training – it’s (possibly) more than you think… 150 150 Detector Testers

When someone mentions product training your first thought might be that you’re about to be trained in something new. Either that or you may dismiss the idea as you’re already using the product in question and therefore what could you possibly gain from training?

Of course, before using any new product it is usual to undertake some form of training and studying of relevant user manuals and videos.  However, what if you have been using the product for years, have no concerns over usage and therefore see no real need for the training?

The answer is that things aren’t always as you remember them or believe them to be.  No matter what the product is, training is always a good thing. It can make you aware of additional things you need to consider when using the product and it can also provide you with advice and tips which improve usage and product performance.  At the very least it will provide reassurance that you’re using the product correctly and getting the most out of it.

With this thinking in mind, take a look at our new on-line product training, it’s free and being online it can be taken at any time convenient to you.  Upon successful completion you’ll receive a certificate which can be downloaded immediately.  We’re working on new courses all the time – take a look