Scorpion battery pack

Product Update | Scorpion Battery Pack

Product Update | Scorpion Battery Pack 780 488 Detector Testers
The Scorp50 Battery Pack that is used to power Scorpion systems is being upgraded from 30th April 2018 (subject to availability).

The 2.2Ah battery pack has become obsolete, and we will now be supplying a higher capacity 3.0Ah Solo770 battery baton and suitable cable (Scorp60) to allow this to connect to the Scorp8000 Wall-mounted Control Panel (this battery cable is already included in the Scorp7000 Portable Controller). Customers who already have Solo760 or Solo770 battery batons can use these with the Scorpion system with the addition of the Scorp60 battery cable.




Battery and Charger Compatibility

Each charger and battery combination is designed and certified to give a 60-90 minute charge time i.e. Solo726 charges Solo760 batons and Scorp50 Battery Packs, and Solo727 charges Solo770 batons.


Battery and charger compatibility


  1. Solo 727 battery charger will not charge a Solo760 battery or a Scorp50 Battery Pack.
  2. Disconnect the battery from the charger once it is full charged.
  3. Do not leave charger connected to a fully charged battery if power to the charger could be repeatedly disrupted. Potential of overheating.
  4. Do not re-start charging cycle within 1 hour of full charge, as this could damage the battery.
  5. Scorp50 includes a belt loop for battery baton