Product Update – Solo 727 Battery Charger

Product Update – Solo 727 Battery Charger 780 488 Detector Testers

Introducing a new, upgraded version of our Solo 727 battery charger.  This new version will, for the first time, offer backwards compatibility with the ability to charge both the older Solo 760 (2.0Ah) and the current Solo 770 (3.0Ah) battery batons, meaning only one charger is needed – regardless of the battery baton used.

The launch of this new charger is a result of customer requests and is in line with our continuous improvement policy.

How does it work?

When a battery baton is connected, the new charger will detect the type of battery (e.g. Solo 760 or Solo 770) and will select the correct output automatically.  This new ‘universal’ design eliminates confusion and reduces the need to carry a charger for each battery baton type.


Like the previous chargers, the new Solo 727 will charge a depleted battery in 60-90 minutes. Full user instructions are included with the product or can be view here.


When is it available?

Available as of November 2019. Relevant products and kits shipped from our warehouse from this point will contain the new charger.*


Will the product code change?

To avoid the confusion and delay that can be caused by introducing a new product code, the new charger will retain the same product code – Solo727.  You can easily tell the difference between the current and new charger by referring to the labels on the front and rear of the product:

Solo 727 MK 2 (from November 2019 by Stontronics) charger


Front Label


Rear Label

Solo 727 MK1 ( by ANSMANN) charger for Solo770 3Ah Battery Batons Only


Front Label


Rear Label


Please contact product support with any queries.

*Chargers supplied to the USA will be switched over at a later date TBC.

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