Product Update Solo A7

Product Update | Solo A7 Detector Duster

Product Update | Solo A7 Detector Duster 1024 640 Detector Testers

Our recent posts and communications have focused on Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 which requires manufacturers of non-flammable aerosols containing HFC 134a to end manufacture of such products by 31st December 2017.

As part of this change we’ve introduced a new range of smoke aerosols and also alternative products which have no reliance on pressurised aerosols – all of which are compliant with the upcoming regulations.

The final change to our 2017/18 product range will see our Solo A7 detector duster phased out.  Like some of our smoke aerosols, Solo A7 contains HFC 134a and, as result, can no longer be produced beyond 31st December 2017.

Solo A7Since we introduced the product, a large number of pressurised air dusters have come to market – as a result of which there is now plenty of product choice.  With this in mind, we have taken the decision not to develop a replacement product for Solo A7 after manufacture ends later this year.  We expect to have product to carry into 2018 but this will only be available whilst stocks last.

This move allows us to focus on serving customers with specialist solutions for the functional testing of fire detectors.