Testing at Warwick Castle

Protecting heritage sites – detector testing at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, like a lot of buildings of historical interest, has many areas decorated with ornate artwork and items of historical value.  Fire detection systems installed in these type of sites are often discrete and sympathetic to the original building design.

In the case of Warwick Castle, ASD pipes are fitted behind decorated ceilings with access only possible via small holes.  Other detectors are installed in hard-to-access locations, often above valuable exhibits, which again makes for difficult testing and maintenance.

Warwick Castle

Fire system testing in heritage sites, such as Warwick Castle, is often costly and requires access out-of-hours.

Solo 365, utilising its ASD adaptor, overcomes these challenges. It’s slim, light-weight design allows easy access to hard-to-access locations and ensures fast, efficient testing of the system – without risk to the exhibits and without the need to work out-of-hours.



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