Putting compliance and productivity first in the Middle East

Putting compliance and productivity first in the Middle East 780 488 Detector Testers

As a UK company, we naturally see more of our products in use within the UK.  However, we sell to over 130 countries all with the same need – to be able to deliver functional testing of detectors using a method which is approved by the detector manufacturer and is compliant with local fire and safety industry codes and standards.

In many of the regions we sell to, we’ve seen an increasing shift towards more comprehensive testing as the need to demonstrate 100% compliant testing of all detectors increases.

For many, this has led to the purchase of Testifire, which not only allows for functional testing of smoke and heat detectors – but, as an all in-one-test tool, delivers significant productivity benefits by enabling engineers to move around site quicker and typically spend less time testing under each device.

In the Middle-East region an increasing number of service maintenance companies have turned to Testifire as their test method of choice.  As a UL certified test tool, the solution is now widely used across the region and recognised as the simplest way of carrying out compliant testing of both single and multi-sensor detectors.

Fire safety and the need for a compliant system was required even during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak and, with more businesses now opening up after lockdown, functional testing is as important as ever.

We’ve heard from many users around the world about the challenges they have faced in recent months, entering sites to ensure standards are maintained and buildings remain safe – it was great to receive these photos from Testifire users in Oman and Dubai – demonstrating perfectly their use of the product and the important role it plays in their daily maintenance work.

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