Scorpion - Goldsmiths, University of London

Scorpion installation at Goldsmiths, London University

Scorpion installation at Goldsmiths, London University 780 488 Detector Testers

Goldsmiths is a world-renowned college forming part of the University of London. It traces its history back to 1891, and continues to provide excellent teaching in the fields of arts, designs, humanities and social sciences.

The Challenge

The University’s buildings contain a number of lifts to help with the movement of people and goods. Each lift shaft is protected from the risk of fire by a point smoke detector. Testing of these detectors involves risk assessments and sign-off to work, alternative access arrangements for the duration of the tests, a lift engineer to take the lift out of service and a fire engineer to perform the actual functional smoke test. This is time consuming and costly and must be repeated for each lift on the site. It is however, a legal requirement to test every detector at least once a year.


Failure to do so can result in fines and imprisonment for those responsible for the fire system, and injury or worse to the occupants of the building in the event of a real fire. Triple Star Fire and Security provide maintenance of the fire system and work closely with Goldsmiths to ensure the systems will function as expected if ever required.


The Solution

Triple Star Fire introduced an innovative approach to functional testing of smoke detectors. The Scorpion system consists of a micro smoke generator mounted alongside the point detector in the lift shaft and connected to a control panel mounted in easy reach.


We found Scorpion easy to install. It saves the client time and money, improves safety and ensures compliance with regulations. Daren Pool, Managing Director at Triple Star Fire


Testing a detector in the lift shaft now takes a matter of minutes without any of the health and safety issues or lift engineer costs that were required previously. The initial investment by the University was repaid in a very short me and reduces the ongoing costs for the life of the detector.


Scorpion is an investment that will shortly pay for itself while ensuring that building assets are no longer taken out of service to carry out routine maintenance. Mr Tony Stacey (Maintenance & Engineering Manager) from Goldsmiths

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