Scorpion Product Update

Scorpion Product Update 780 488 Detector Testers

Parts affected:

SCORP1001-XXX/SCORP1011-XXX – Head Unit Installation Kits for Point Detectors

SCORP2001-XXX/SCORP2011-XXX – Head Unit Installation Kits for ASD Systems

The design of the Scorpion head units for both Point and ASD applications has been updated to allow for a simplified installation process.


The previous design required a breather plug and a two-part transportation pin to be removed before the head unit could be mounted on the bracket.  This was required to prevent the liquid fuel from spilling during transportation.


Scorpion Product Update_2018


The design has now been changed which sees these parts replaced with a ‘plunger’ that opens the seal inside the head unit automatically – once the head is located on its mounting bracket.


The change will be implemented In December, after which point new orders shipped from our warehouse will include the new design. Sales codes remain the same for affected products.


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