Scorpion success in Germany 

Scorpion success in Germany  780 488 Detector Testers

In recent months uptake in our Scorpion range has grown significantly, part of this has been driven by demand from Germany, in particular from Siemens, and this is now leading to regular installations of Scorpion across a range of sites.

Scorpion solves the problem of testing aspirating smoke detection systems, a Scorpion unit is typically mounted adjacent to the furthest hole from ASD detector and then wired back to a wall mounted access point installed in an accessible location.

Testing of the system is then easily carried out when required by a service engineer as part of the routine site visit.  As well as being easy to carry out, compliant testing is also achieved without the additional risk, expense or resource which is often associated with testing ASD systems.  Simply put, use of Scorpion presents less risk and is quicker than using access platforms or ladders which may otherwise be needed.  Of course, it also means there is a solution – so access can no longer be a reason not to test.

Increased installation of ASD systems and greater focus on system lifecycle management has sped up the adoption of Scorpion. It’s now been supplied as a solution to over 60 sites in Germany, ranging from car manufacturing plants to warehouses to transport hubs.

In addition to the ASD solution, Scorpion is also available as a solution for hard-to-access point smoke detectors – perfect for detectors installed in ceiling voids, lift shafts and secure rooms.

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