Switch to Testifire; how quickly could you start saving?

Switch to Testifire; how quickly could you start saving? 780 488 Detector Testers

Before making the switch to Testifire, one of the key questions we’re asked by service managers is ‘what’s in it for me and my business?’

To answer this and present the expected payback delivered by a switch to Testifire, we’ve developed an online calculator designed to show the benefit in terms of time saving, ‘smoke’ cost saving and ultimately, investment payback.

The key benefit of switching to Testifire is that of productivity, research tells us that in the majority of cases most engineers are regularly being asked to test smoke and heat – either as separate single sensor detectors or as multi-sensors.

This can of course be achieved using two separate testers, but with this comes the need to change head units and carry multiple tools, both these factors add time to the site visit and increase disruption around the site.

There is another way, which is of course Testifire – here the need to carry multiple tools is eliminated and the time taken to switch between testers is all but removed, add to this the ability to avoid nuisance re-alarms through an in-built clearing mode, and you are looking at some impressive productivity gains.

Of course, if you’re looking to switch to Testifire there is an investment cost – but with the cost of Testifire comparable to that of two separate testers, the productivity gains offered and the reduced costs per test offered by the smoke capsules, the payback on the investment is surprisingly quick.

If you’re an existing Solo user, try our calculator now by entering a few details about your team and your current method of testing and you’ll get an idea on the speed at which you could benefit from using Testifire.

We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have, simply complete the form on the calculator page and we’ll come back to you with answers to your questions and the different Testifire options open to you.




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