Multi-sensor detectors and false alarms

In a recent post, we looked at the rise in popularity of multi-sensor detectors.  A twitter poll* we ran supported the theory of a rise in popularity with 73% of respondents testing at least the same or more multi-sensor detectors than they were 2 years ago.     Now, further research carried out by the Building…

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Multi-Sensor Poll
The rise of the multi-sensor detector

The introduction of multi-sensor detectors is a great example of how fire detection technologies have evolved over the years.  Designed to sense smoke, heat and/or CO, multi-sensor detectors help reduce false alarms by comparing the inputs from the multiple sensors before deciding whether the source of the input is an actual fire or one of…

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How changes to standards affect fire detection testing
BS5839 – How changes to standards affect fire detection testing

With fire detector technology constantly evolving, standards also change in order to include these technologies and to drive innovation within the industry. The recent update to BS5839-1 has, for example, for the first time, placed a focus on how multi-sensors should be tested.   Multi-sensor fire detectors should be physically tested by a method that…

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