Testifire Exchange Ending

Testifire Exchange Ending 780 488 Detector Testers

Our Testifire Exchange Scheme is being discontinued from 31st March 2019.  Under the scheme, users of Testifire are able to buy a refurbished unit if their original unit needs replacing when out of warranty. This included units requiring periodic (annual) servicing.


Since its launch, Testifire has established itself as the preferred solution for functional testing of fire detectors, whether that is single-stimulus or multi-sensor detectors.


As with all technical products, Testifire has continuously been updated over the years, and we are now changing the support requirements to reflect these improvements.

What’s changing?


Testifire Service – No longer required: Testifire originally required an annual service, which was changed to every two years from June 2016, and switched off completely in March 2018. A “Service Reminder” on the units before March 2018 reminded users when this was due. If the reminder comes on and the unit is operating satisfactorily, the reminder should be turned off from the Testifire menu, and the tester will continue to operate as normal.


Calibration – No longer required: Testifire no longer requires regular calibration. Customers who require a calibration certificate can instead request a Certificate of Conformance at the time of placing their order. The certificate lasts for the lifetime of the product.


Warranty terms: Customers requiring replacement for an out-of-warranty unit will need to purchase a new TESTIFIRE1000 or TESTIFIRE2000.  In-warranty units will continue to be replaced free of charge in line with our T&C’s.


Fixed-price repair removed: Under Testifire Exchange, units which were out-of-warranty could be replaced with a refurbished Testifire (TFE1 or TFE2) at a discounted price and a reduced 3-month warranty. We now no longer refurbish units, and therefore are withdrawing the refurbished replacement option. Units that are out-of-warranty will therefore need to be replaced with a new unit at standard price.


Returns requirement removed: Under Testifire Exchange, we required customers to return their original units in order that we could refurbish these for re-supply. As we are no longer refurbishing units, we do not need out-of-warranty Testifire units to be returned. These should be recycled in line with local regulations.


With these changes, Testifire Exchange will be end on 31st March 2019.