Testifire solves testing challenge in Russia

Testifire solves testing challenge in Russia 780 488 Detector Testers

In the last few months we’ve heard from customers around the world about how they have continued to carry out functional testing during the COVID-19 outbreak and the role our solutions have played in helping them meet this challenge.

The latest insight has come via our distribution partner in Russia, Forma Group.  They got in touch to share the story of an approach they received from a maintenance team looking to carry out comprehensive testing of multi-sensor detectors.


Fedorova Albina Mikhailovna, Sales Manager at Forma Group continues the story:

“The facility’s fire protection system is based on the Schrack Integral family of equipment. In order to minimise false alarms multi-sensor detectors are installed, meaning both the smoke and heat sensors need to be triggered simultaneously to generate a fire signal.  The maintenance team did not have the test equipment needed to test the detectors in this way.”


As a result, Forma Group were able to supply Testifire to the maintenance team which allows for the detectors to be tested in this way.

We were able to offer the Urban 2001 kit to our customer, we did this as it is the most versatile test kit and would provide the most comprehensive solution for all detectors.  The ease of use of the kit was positively assessed by the maintenance team who commented to us that they were able to set Testifire to test simultaneously and successfully test and clear all the detectors requested by the facility owner

Further feedback from the maintenance team included that, as part of the Urban Kit range, the solution significantly increased staff mobility and provided effective access to the detectors.


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