Testifire - All-in-one-tester

Product focus: Testifire – the all-in-one tester

Product focus: Testifire – the all-in-one tester 780 488 Detector Testers

Since its launch, our Testifire solution has developed a loyal following worldwide.  Now, with updates to standards putting further focus on how multi-sensors should be tested, Testifire has earnt a whole new group of followers.

To mark this, we have updated all the material on Testifire and used customer feedback to focus on the core benefits the solution offers.  You can check all this out on the new product page on our website and read all about it in our new product brochure.


We have also launched a new Testifire Urban Kit, which includes a Testifire with new shorter Solo access poles and a compact rucksack – perfect for testing in large sites or in built up areas.

In the meantime, check out how Fire Safe Services Ltd have kitted out their SMART car with one of our Testifire Urban Kits to and also how Amthal Fire and Security use Testifire to ensure rapid setting and resetting of multi-sensor detectors.


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