Testifire – in use with Siemens

Testifire – in use with Siemens 780 488 Detector Testers

For its many users worldwide, Testifire allows for simple, compliant functional testing of fire detectors.

When it comes to testing Siemens detectors the results are exactly that, with Testifire delivering rapid functional testing of detectors from the Sinteso and Cerberus Pro ranges.

Detector compatibility is one of the key benefits of using Testifire. The stimuli generated by the device is different to that generated by traditional aerosol smoke, offering the fastest method of testing for intelligent multi-crieteria and modern detectors which don’t always activate in the same way to traditional pressurised smoke aerosols. The non-pressurised, non-hazardous nature of the capsules used within Testifire allow for controlled delivery to the detectors, eliminating the risk of over-application and making for safer storage and transportation.

As an all-in-one tool, Testifire also enables significant productivity gains. The ability to test up to three stimuli (smoke, heat and CO) from one tool means less equipment is required to be carried by the engineer, which means less disruption around site and ultimately less time spent testing under each detector.

With Testifire used and approved by Siemens, we recently heard from the team at Siemens Australia, who kindly sent us the image of Testifire in use within their training set-up and subsequently ran a feature on Testifire within their recent newsletter. The photo shows Amin Nooranipour, using the RE8STCO (Testifire 2001) to test detectors from the Cerberus Pro range – thanks to Fabrizio and Amin for the feedback!

Testifire is available from Siemens under the following part numbers:

Part No.



Testifire 1001 Smoke & Heat Testing


Testifire 2001 Smoke, Heat & CO Testing


Smoke Capsule


CO Capsule