Two men installing Scorpion device to a detector in a lift shaft

testing smoke detectors; no access, no problem!

testing smoke detectors; no access, no problem! 780 488 Detector Testers

Most buildings have at least one detector which is hard-to-access.  Now, with a greater focus on 100% testing, more of these detectors are being tested with our Scorpion solution.

In recent months we’ve seen a significant rise in enquiries from both installers and facilities managers looking at ways to test hard-to-access detectors.  As a result, installations of Scorpion have been confirmed in; the UK, Germany, Sweden and the Middle East and, with more in the pipeline, it appears the challenge of testing hard-to-access detectors is one which an increasing number in the fire industry are looking to overcome.

Installed alongside the detector, Scorpion allows for easy functional testing via a conveniently installed wall-mounted access point and portable controller.  The number of applications that can benefit from Scorpion are vast, with some of the sales above helping to solve challenges posed by detectors installed in lift shafts, sports arenas, aircraft hangers and warehouses.

Without Scorpion, testing of hard-to-access detectors is not only time consuming but also disruptive and costly.  It’s these factors which, in the past, have led to such detectors often being un-tested.

Scorpion Pint Southampton

As well as these recent installations, we’re working with a number of detector manufacturers on the specification of Scorpion within new projects.  Whatever your role, if you are responsible for fire safety in a building and have detectors which are hard-to-access, we’ll be happy to help you overcome this challenge!  Contact us for more information.

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