Solo 365 Approved as test method for Apollo Soteria Dimension range

Testing Soteria Dimension with Solo 365

Testing Soteria Dimension with Solo 365 780 488 Detector Testers

Our latest smoke detector tester, Solo 365, is now approved as a test solution for the recently launched Soteria Dimension range of detectors from Apollo.

The innovative design of the Soteria Dimension optical detector differs from standard fire detectors, having no chamber and being flush mounted.  Using new optical sensing technology to detect smoke particles outside the detector housing, the unique design requires an alternative approach to functional testing – different from the way testing is carried out using the traditional Solo and Testifire tools.

Solo 365, along with its specialist adaptor is the answer.  The adaptor is quickly fitted to Solo 365 in place of the clear cup, the delayed smoke mode is then deployed and Solo 365 is then raised up to the detector with the adaptor set to a 90° angle.  Smoke is directed across the face of the detector allowing simple functional testing.

For help and advice on testing this range, or any other, contact our support team.

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