Shorter Poles

Urban Kits – Shorter poles, greater convenience!

Urban Kits – Shorter poles, greater convenience! 1024 683 Detector Testers

One of our most recognisable products are our red Solo access poles – and they’ll shortly be available in a new compact form as well as part of our new Urban Kits.

Although a crucial piece of kit, owned by most fire engineers – the full height of our standard access poles is not required on all sites, leading some engineers to enquire about the availability of shorter poles.  An increase in mobile engineers – working without vans – has provided further inspiration for a more compact form of test kit.

We’re pleased to announce that later this Summer will see the launch of our new Urban Kits.  Built around a compact, stylish rucksack and Solo access poles (which are 50% shorter in length), these new kits make for comfortable, hassle free movement around site and whilst travelling.

As well as space for your essential test equipment, the rucksack also has plenty of room for your other everyday tools and accessories.  Check out the full range and our video for more information.