What is a functional test?

What is a functional test? 780 488 Detector Testers

Functional testing of detectors has long been required by both detector manufacturers and international codes and standards.

With interest in testing increasingly coming from a wider audience, including business owners and facilities managers, and with greater awareness in countries looking to improve fire safety, we’re occasionally asked to clarify what a functional test is and why it is important?

Leading fire codes and standards such as BS:5839 and NFPA 72, clearly describe the frequency at which testing must be carried out and the type of tools that should be used.


The key thing is to ensure regular functional testing is carried out, (typically every 6 months), and that the tools used to carry out the testing are safe to use (for both the detector and the operator).  The tools used for testing should be approved by the detector manufacturer.


In our latest Toolbox Talk, we look at the importance of functional testing – addressing what this type of test consists of, why it should be carried out, the difference between this and other types of test and, finally, a look at what the approved tools actually look like.



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