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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Testers

CO detectors are less common that smoke and heat detectors, however, when installed, they still need to be tested.  With all our products, we pride ourselves on offering genuine choice and CO testing is no different.  We have two choices for functional testing of CO detectors – one from our Solo range and as part of Testifire range.

“All our engineers use Solo! It’s great kit which allows us to test all detectors quickly without fuss and it never lets us down”

– Triple Star Fire


Solo C3 CO Aerosol

Suitable for:

Designed for functional testing of detector testers, the Solo C3 Aerosol ensures that detectors that respond to smoke are in full working order. Non-flammable, this product is the professional’s choice for value in aerosol smoke.

Key features include:

  • Detector manufacturer endorsed
  • Non-flammable CO stimulus
  • Enables controlled delivery over short bursts
  • Compatible with Solo 330/332 dispensers
  • Product Code: Solo C3-001

Our ultimate detector tester, Testifire is available as a 3-in-1 tester to functionally test smoke, heat and CO.

CO testing is carried out using a Testifire head unit and a TC3 capsule, safe levels of CO are generated via the capsule once the tester is placed over the detector.  Testifire is compatible with the Solo access poles and offers a number of unique benefits.

  • Functional testing through the use of one tool
  • Combined stimuli, delivers quicker activation times
  • Unique clearing cycle enables rapid detector reset with no repeat alarms
  • Suits a wider range of detectors thanks to a wider cup and remote control option
  • Product Code: Testifire 2001-001

Testifire 2001 Detector Tester

Suitable for:

Testifire TC3 CO Capsule

Suitable for:

CO generated by Testifire is delivered via capsules.

Key features include:

  • Non-pressurised – easier to store
  • On-demand CO generation
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe – amount of CO produced pose no health risk
  • Product Code: TC3-001

Domestic Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The need for carbon monoxide testers has increased in recent years, thanks to widespread media coverage focusing on the danger of CO, often referred to as the ‘silent killer’. More and more domestic properties – including rentals – now have carbon monoxide alarms installed, and these too should be tested.

Regulations have also been introduced that CO alarms in rented accommodation to be installed and tested by the landlord. Our Solo C6 aerosol has been developed for testing these alarms – designed for hand-held use; it comes complete with a straw that allows for functional testing of domestic carbon monoxide alarms.

Solo C6 provides a fast and simple way of carrying out a functional test of CO fire alarms by introducing a genuine CO sample into the sensor – proving it will activate in the case of an alarm.

Key features include:

  • Genuine, non-flammable CO gas
  • Fast test and reset time – tests in seconds
  • Controllable delivery – hand-held use
  • Safe – poses no risk to user or those close by
  • Product Code: Solo C6-001

Solo C6 Aerosol

Suitable for:

For more information on our range of carbon monoxide detector testers, or if you have any queries, then please contact our support team who will be more than happy to help.