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testifire 2000 - No smoke generated


To establish if the problem is with the head unit or the capsule, switch the unit on, then press the Menu key.


Select “Info” then press the tick button to select, followed by “System Info” and select.

This screen shows the Testifire Model number, Serial Number, and Software and Hardware versions.


Press left green button; right green button; left green button followed by down to display the warranty screen.

Top left number shows diagnostics output from the unit.

If the digit before the decimal point is higher than that after the decimal point, then the fault is with the Testifire, and you may need to replace the unit. Contact Product Support for further advice.


If right hand digit is bigger than left, then the smoke capsule is suspect.

With the unit switched on and set to smoke test, lay it on its side with the door facing upwards. Put your hand in the cup until the 2-minute test times out. You may need to repeat this up to 3 times.


Has the capsule been out of its sealed pack for more than 3 months? If so, change the capsule.


With unit switched off, remove the smoke capsule and check the clear tube is not pinched. If it is, change the capsule.

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