ok. let's fix this!

testifire 2000 system fault - clearing fan

This happens when a small piece of dirt (about 0.4mm) finds it way into the fan and stops it from turning.

Let’s get that out of there.

System Fault - clearing fan


Turn off Testifire and remove battery.

Remove battery


Hold Testifire by its handle and tap it firmly against your other hand.

step 2-2000 hold


Turn Testifire round and repeat tapping.

step 3-2000 hold


Insert battery and run a test to see if the fault has been cleared. You may need to do this several times.

step 4 insert battery
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Thanks for using Testifire Support. To reduce the chances of this happening again always keep the cup of the Testifire clean.

It doesn’t look like we can fix this at this time. Please contact our product support team who can advise you further.

Email: support@detectortesters.com or Telephone: +44 (0) 1707 282760