Scorpion Smoke Detection Systems

Scorpion is the solution for buildings with hard-to-access detectors. Suitable for both Point and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems, Scorpion ensures all smoke detectors can be tested – regardless of location.

Detectors in hard-to-access locations still need to be tested, and this can take not only additional time, but incur additional costs and personnel downtime. Scorpion suits a wide a range of applications.

Why use Scorpion:

  • Tests hard-to-access detectors
  • Ideal for lift shafts, ceiling voids, secure rooms and high atria
  • Cost saving – no need for additional access equipment or third party personnel
  • Time saving – less time spent organising and carrying out testing
  • Compliance – ensures all detectors can be tested as required by standards

Smoke Detector Tester

Suitable for:

The Scorpion 1011 head unit is permanently installed alongside a smoke detector, testing is then initiated from a hand-held controller via a conveniently sited access point.

ASD System Tester

Suitable for:

The SCORP 2011 head unit is permanently mounted adjacent to a sampling point on an Aspirating Smoke Detection system pipe – typically at the end of the run.

Scorpion Engineer’s Controller

Suitable for:

The Engineer’s Portable Controller is connected to a Scorpion access point to enable smoke generation and the carrying out of a functional test.

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How Does it Work

The Scorpion head unit is permanently installed adjacent to a point detector or sampling hole on an Aspirating Smoke Detection pipe (typically the furthest sampling hole).

The smoke generator is connected to an access point mounted at a convenient, easy to access location at ground level. Functional testing of the detector is then easily and safely achieved by connecting a portable controller (carried by the engineer) to the access point.

Scorpion can be retrofitted to existing system or installed with new systems. The time and effort to install Scorpion to an existing system is quickly absorbed by the time and effort taken to test the system without Scorpion.

For more information on the use of Scorpion, watch the video or download the user manual here.