Fast, efficient testing of smoke detectors – without the risk of harmful residue.

SmokeSabre is the fire industry’s leading hand-held smoke aerosol.

Its unique design prevents use too close to the detector which eliminates the risk of residue – keeping the detector safe whilst enabling fast testing and preventing re-alarms.

More than your average smoke aerosol

Detector Manufacturer Approved Detector Manufacturer Approved
Fully Compliant with Latest Regulations Fully Compliant with Latest Regulations
Fast Detector Activation Fast Detector Activation
Silicone-Free Testing Silicone-Free Testing
No Harmful Residue No Harmful Residue

The design of SmokeSabre eliminates the risk of detector contamination which can be caused when a smoke aerosol is sprayed too close to the detector.

Sabre – keeps a safe distance between the detector and the aerosol, eliminating residue build up

Smoke delivery – air is drawn through the holes, assisting velocity and vaporisation of smoke -resulting in a more effective test

Smoke release – smoke cannot be dispensed with the Sabre in the close position, ensuring optimum use at all times

Smoke particles – compatible with the widest range of smoke detectors, SmokeSabre delivers fast activation and clearing

The Ultimate Hand-Held Smoke Aerosol