SmokeSabre is the ultimate hand-held smoke detector tester. The built in ‘Sabre’ makes the product unique compared to other smoke alarm test sprays (commonly referred to as smoke sprays, smoke cans and canned smoke).

A major leap in the design of hand-held smoke detectors, SmokeSabre prevents use too close to the detector, that would normally lead to damage and nuisance alarms.

Why use Smokesabre:

  • Easy testing with the flick of the wrist
  • More tests per can
  • Fast activation & clearing
  • Silicone free testing
  • Eliminates residue
  • Approved by leading detector manufacturers
  • UL & ULC Listed

SmokeSabre Smoke Aerosol

Suitable for:      smoke-text

A simple hand-held smoke detector tester, SmokeSabre tests smoke detectors quickly and cost effectively with a flick-of-the-wrist. Its design eliminates the risk of residue – the big problem associated with hand-held smoke aerosols.

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How Does it Work

It’s impossible to use SmokeSabre too close to the detector, the ‘sabre’ keeps the can a safe distance from the detector – preventing residue build-up. When SmokeSabre is in the closed position, access to the nozzle is prevented which means no aerosol can be sprayed until the ‘sabre’ is extended.

In use, air is drawn through the holes in the ‘sabre’ that assists the velocity and vaporisation process of the airborne ‘smoke’ particles. The result is a more effective test that delivers better detector activation using less smoke per test.