Solo Detector Testers

Solo is the industry’s most popular range of detector test equipment. Used by thousands of fire system maintenance companies and individuals worldwide to ensure smoke, heat and CO detectors are fit for purpose, ready to activate in the event of a fire.

Tools within the range are designed for engineers and building owners, and provide fast, effective testing in compliance with international codes and standards.

Why use Solo:

  • Universal – compatible with wide range of smoke, heat and CO detectors
  • Compliant – ensures testing in compliance with codes and standards
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Approved by detector manufacturers
  • Supported by limited lifetime warranty*
  • Core products UL certified

How does it work

Solo test heads connect to telescopic access poles to allow testing and maintenance of smoke, heat and CO detectors to take place. Once the relevant test head is connected, the pole can be raised and testing carried out. The telescopic poles allow access to heights of up to 9 metres making for easy and professional functional testing and removal of detectors.

As well as the test heads, a range of accessories and spares are available including replacement chargers and storage bags. A full ranges of kits are also available and the telescopic poles are also compatible with the Testifire and Trutest product ranges.

*Limited lifetime warranty does not apply to all products, check terms and conditions or contact us for more information.

For more information on the Solo product range, please contact support.