completely familiar, entirely innovative

Solo 365 takes everything expected from a Solo product, pairs it with the very latest technology and wraps it in a new modern slim-line design.  It’s lighter to use, quicker to test, suitable for more applications and almost impossible to over-apply.


Solo 365 generates smoke on demand, allowing for faster testing around site and fewer repeat alarms.


Compatible with all smoke detectors, Solo 365 boasts a slim, lightweight design allowing for simple testing in easy and hard to access spaces.


Detector friendly smoke, generated on-demand eliminates the risk of detector  contamination.

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the benefits

Quicker Testing
On-demand smoke generation and a light, slim design enable rapid movement and faster testing
15% Lighter
Lighter than the traditional aerosol dispenser, Solo 365 is easy to carry and move into position
Slim Design
Solo 365’s slim profile allows easy access to hard-to-access detectors
Clearing Mode
Repeat alarms are all but eliminated – with remaining smoke cleared away from the detector after testing
On-Demand Smoke
Less wasted smoke and no risk of detector contamination
Easy Storage & Transportation
Non-hazardous cartridges (instead of aerosol cans) allows for easier storage and transportation
Clear Cup & Vent
Allows easy viewing of the detector and ensures smoke is quickly removed after testing
LED Torch
Automatically illuminates when light levels drop, allowing easy alignment with detector
Status LEDs
Provides notification of unit mode status
Proximity Sensor
Automatic generation of smoke as the detector enters and leaves the cup
Consumables Compartment
Neatly houses all consumables, enabling easy replacement
Delayed Start
Perfect for testing ASD systems or detectors which cannot enter the cup

the Range

Explore the Solo 365 range and find the right kit for your needs

solo 365 urban kit

Urban Smoke Test Kit

  • 1 x Urban Backpack
  • 1 x Urban Pole 1.75m
  • 3 x Urban Ext. Pole 0.5m
  • 1 x Solo 365 Smoke Kit
  • Code: URBAN365-001

solo 365 smoke tester

Solo 365 Smoke Tester

  • 1 x Solo 365 Smoke Kit
  • Code: Solo 365-001

solo 365 6m test kit

Solo 365 6M Test Kit

  • 1 x Solo 365 Smoke Kit
  • 1 x Solo 200 Removal Tool
  • 1 x Solo 100 Pole 4.5m
  • 1 x Solo 610 Bag
  • Code: Solo 911-001

solo 365 9m test kit

Solo 365 9M Test Kit

  • 1 x Solo 365 Smoke Kit
  • 1 x Solo 200 Removal Tool
  • 1 x Solo 100 Pole 4.5m
  • 3 x Solo 101 Ext. Pole 1.3m
  • 1 x Solo 610 Bag
  • Code: Solo 900-001

Testing Aspirating Smoke Detection systems

There’s now even more to Solo 365 – the ability to functionally test ASD systems. This exciting development is made possible through a specialist adaptor which is fitted to Solo 365 in place of the standard clear cup.


  • Utilising the ‘Delayed Start’ mode allows positioning and smoke to be directed into an accessible sampling hole.
  • Puts the ability to test standard point type smoke detectors and ASD systems into one portable tester – for the first time.
  • Product code: Solo372-001

Solo 372 ASD Adaptor
Toolbox Talks | Solo 365 ASD Adaptor
There’s now even more to Solo 365 – Testing ASD Systems


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Available to order now

Solo 365 is available now from leading distributors, alternatively get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll find the right kit for you!