urban kit_testifire Comprehensive media pack Including: Product images Product datasheet Infographic & Logos Product flyer Instructions for use Promotional video DOWNLOAD

    Media Pack Contents

    Use these for promoting Testifire on websites, catalogues and social media. There’s a mix of product and application shots showcasing the features of Testifire.

    Providing detailed information on the features and benefits of Testifire and the kits available.  Ideal for sharing with customers and adding to the media section of your website.

    Promotional video
    Already on YouTube, the Testifire animation focuses on the features of the tester and the benefits they bring to the user.
    Instructions for use
    Here you’ll find the quick start guide and full user manual for Testifire. Technical specification are all included with each user manual.

    Product descriptions
    All the essential descriptions for Testifire head units, kits, and accessories. Ideal for adding to a catalogue and product pages on your website.

    Smoke choices infographic illustrating the latest range of options for testing smoke detectors. Ideal for trade counters and any trade events you attend.