Testifire Detector Testers

The all-in-one test solution, Testifire allows for compliant functional testing of heat, smoke and CO fire detectors whether they are single or multi-sensor detectors.

A feature rich tool, Testifire is designed for fire technicians and building owners who are focussed on ultimate efficiency, Testifire increases productivity on site and offers a huge range of unique benefits.

Why use Testifire:

  • Tests smoke, heat & CO from one device
  • Tests different stimuli sequentially, simultaneously or independently
  • Compatible with widest range of detectors
  • Suits single & multi-sensor detectors
  • Uses non-hazardous smoke and CO capsules
  • Compatible with Solo range of access poles
  • Approved by leading detector manufacturers
  • UL Certified

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How does it work

Testifire is easy to use, with the type of test (e.g. Smoke) simply selected on the user interface. If more than more stimulus is to be tested (e.g. Smoke and Heat) these two options need to be selected – you can then decide whether the two tests are to be carried out one after the other or at the same time. This gives ultimate flexibility depending on the demands of the detector and panel.

The user interface also allows for features such as the Clearing mode and Hi Heat settings to be easily selected.

Testifire is compatible with the Solo range of access poles and uses the same battery batons and chargers as the Solo 461 – making it even easier to own and use.

For more detailed information, watch the animation or download the user manual here.